Care & Personality Tips


Stagecraft costumes are constructed of the finest materials and latest techniques. With reasonable care, your costume should last a long time.

Here are our thought on the care and personality of your new Stagecraft costume. Of course, when you purchase a costume it is yours and you can do with it as you please. What we suggest here are what we feel to be successful ways of treating your new costume.

The fur portions of the costume (body and hands) along with the padding, should be machine washed in cold water with Woolite on a gentle and then hang everything to dry. All fur should be brushed after each use with a stiff nylon bristle hairbrush. This helps to remove dirt before it gets a chance to work into the fabric. Also, the fur can be brushed after washing and drying in order to fluff it up. The clothes portion of a costume should be dry-cleaned.

With excessive use, we recommend that every few days the costume be turned inside out a sprayed with a household disinfectant (End-Bac or Lysol) and permitted to dry. This helps stop odor and reduces bacteria build-up. Also, spray the inside of the head allow to dry before use.

The head of the character can be spot cleaned with a Glory or Woolite rug cleaner (fur or fabric portions only). Spray it on, work it in with a bristle hairbrush, allow it to dry and then brush it out. (Wear a dust particle mask during the brush-out phase). A reticulated foam face can be touched-up with Nu-Life spray which is a shoe dye and is available at most shoe repairs. Call us and we'll tell you which shade to use.

When storing the head, we advise covering it (after it is completely dry) with plastic and put it on a head stand. This will help keep it clean and will minimize the possibilities of damage.

For leather boots, they can be cleaned with a leather cleaner or touched-up with shoe polish. For fur and fabric feet, clean in the same manner as the head mentioned above.

By following the above instructions, yours will be a nicer, fresher costume for a longer time. If there is anything we can ever do for you, please don't hesitate to call.